Removable Appliances

Austrian Habbit Breaker

Thumb sucking and tongue thrusting treatment

Hawley Retainers

Lower or upper hawley retainers are used to maintain teeth in position after orthodontic treatment. Hawley retainers can be made in different designs with regular and soldered labial bows or wraparound style.  We also offer different clasping options such as adams clasps, ball clasps, arrow clasps, lingual clasps, delta or “C” clasps.

Wraparound Hawley

Spring Retainers

We offer variety different designs of spring retainers. Regular spring retainer, super spring aligner, 3-3 spring aligner (with or without lingual wire extensions to the 6’s).

QCM Retainer

Aestetic Hawley retainer with labial transparent labial bow.

Clear Bow Hawley Retainer

Aestetic hawley retainer with virtually unbreakable transparent labial bow

Auto Hawley

Used to align anterior teeth.  There are two designs with labial bow and a ribbon (active) wire, and single ribbon wire without regular labial bow