Removable Fan Expander

Used to achieve expansion in the anterior area


Super Screw RPE

Two-arm RPE


Schwatz Expander

Removable palatal expander that can be designed with or without occlusal bite pads, springs and additional retention options

Three Way Expander

This appliance is used to expand the upper arch in three direction which is bilateral palatal expansion and advancing anterior teeth.

Sugittal Appliance

This appliances is used to achive bilateral expansion and bilateral distalizing movement of posterior teeth

R.P.E. Rapid Palatal Expender

It can be soldered to metal bands or bonded (RPE attached to acrylic bite pads which bond to posterior teeth).  These appliances also come in different designs such as regular four arm RPE, two arm RPE, expander fan type RPE

Williams expander

This appliances is used to expand lower arch and also advance anterior teeth
“W” arch expander is “W” shaped arch soldered to bands on sixes and used to provide anterior and/or posterior expansion

Quad or Tri Helix Appliance

This appliance is used to widen the arch and correct posterior cross bite (for narrow palats)